Ana Nevi is an entity that accommodates traditional crafts of Turkey by repurposing them in various wearable forms. 

The meaning of our name, Ana Nevi, derives from the ethnic customs of our motherland. Throughout Ana Nevi journey, we have met many individuals that served these customs by working to keep the traditional crafts alive. Their commitment inspired us to help preserve these crafts by reimagining them in alternative forms for daily use of our generation.

We know that bringing anything to this world has inevitable consequences. But in Ana Nevi world, we are constantly seeking ways to minimising animal cruelty, waste of raw materials and over-usage of packaging. As our foundation is built upon handmade products we aim to advocate against over consumption. 

We see the time that is devoted to creating our products to become a bridge. Therefore our purpose is to give what we learned from our artisans back to the Ana Nevi people while still respecting the pace of the creation.