AN WORLD 1.1 : Roses of This Soil

Rose, as the universal and visual delegate of love, has a history in Anatolia and the surrounding regions. We wanted to build our first Ana Nevi World around the rose, a historical symbol that prevails over the obstacles of nationality, race, language and religion. 

Rose is a speaking flower that can say what thousands of words together cannot reflect. The colour of the roses, name given to them, people holding them and places we plant them may change. Yet again, they all reflect a form of beauty and love. Gul Irepoglu, the writer of The Rose, became a major inspiration to us with her words: “Every rose that is represented as a gift has a meaning that is only known by the giver and the recipient.”

Every piece that flourished into the Ana Nevi World represents the roses that have grown on the soils of Turkey. We want to share the roses of this soil as a declaration of beauty and love with the whole world.